Bullrider ReviewBullrider is a knockout Indica also known as Afghani Bullrider. Hold on tight with this outstanding herb and keep some of your favorite snacks on hand because you will be heading to munchieville. So this herb gives you a great relaxing body high and is best toked in the afternoon because this will make you a tad lazy. This hybrid strain is a powerful cross between G13 and Skunk #1. So if your going to perform open hear surgery in the morning it’s best to wait until after you get back home ! As you will see in this Bullrider Review, it can take the edge off a bad day.

Bullrider Review

My friends and I were on a camping and canoe trip in Colorado. We arrived by the river in the late afternoon and set up camp. That night we built a nice bonfire and roasted some hotdogs. Later a bag of Bullrider and guitars appeared and we rolled up a few doobies. We got nice and baked singing old classic rock by the Eagles and Steve Miller.


The next morning we set fort in the canoe’s for a ten mile journey down the river. Little did we know there were strong rapids and a giant waterfall. We had not done our research about this stretch of river. So two canoes were toppled in the rapids and my friends thankfully made it back to shore. The canoe of mine however went over the falls. While my girl Shuga and I were tumbling through the air she grabbed my neck, just as I caught a tree limb jutting out of the rocks. So there we dangled until two hillbillies Bubba and Cleatus rescued us with a block tackle. That night back at camp we smoked some more Bullrider and relived our harrowing adventure. Moreover the happy herb made us relax. We actually laughed at our luck of still being alive !


Bullrider with it’s skunky sweet taste also has many fine medicinal qualities in the relief of conditions such as stress, depression, epilepsy, insomnia, nausea, migraines and PTSD. In conclusion I can attest it sure helped us with our stress of that adventurous day we had … What a ride !