Bulletproof Coffee; prepare to raise the bar with your daily AM ritual. With all of the new fads and trends popping up all over the internet. It is easy to get caught up in a lot of money schemes and purchase fails. However, Bulletproof Coffee isn’t a fad you should skip over. Users can expect the same stimulating effects they receive from drinking coffee, with the added bonus of increased cognitive response, mental clarity and above all; weight-loss!

So What is Bulletproof Coffee?

So here is the lowdown with Bulletproof Coffee. Add 2 tablespoons grass-fed butter and 1 tablespoon MCT oil to hot coffee. Throw all those ingredients into your blended and blend till emulsified. After all that blending, its bottoms up! Now keep in mind, this heavy drink is meant to be a meal. Because for real, who has that much butter and oil in their personal meal alone!? Certainly not moi. Let’s back up though. What’s MCT oil? MCT oil is “medium-chain triglycerides”. Medium-chain triglycerides are triglycerides who posses 6-12 carbon atoms called an “aliphatic tail”. It’s similar to coconut oil, but gives you a higher sense of alertness with an “upgraded brain octane”. Users can enjoy a high calorie drink (460 to be exact!), with no carbs. Filling the tummy and the mind alike!

Founder; Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey, a Silicone Valley investor/entrepreneur is the man behind the Bulletproof Coffee craze. A self proclaimed “bio-hacker”, Dave essentially “hacked” his brained by using his obsessive tendencies to get his foot into health and fitness. It should be noted Dave used to be a big guy. And he gives credit to his buttery coffee for aiding him in his weight loss goals. How it works is you trick your buddy into a state of “ketosis”. Ketosis is metabolized state of characterized by raised levels of ketone in our bodies. Now this could be from a health issue (diabetes) if done involuntarily. But this state is from lack of carbs, so its a good state! Companies established by Dave include Bulletproof, 360 INC which was funded in 2013, while the Bulletproof Nutrition INC was later funded in 2014.

So Many More Questions!

I have questions! Tell me, does it get me high? I heard it gets me high! The answer is yes! Of course you can get stoned with Bulletproof Coffee. Heck you can get stoned with anything that calls for butter/oil. Simply substitute the butter with your canna-butter. All done! Bear in mind you still need to add the MCT oil, the MCT oil is very important with Bulletproof Coffee. Otherwise you’re just drinking coffee with butter…Ew! Now, drinking your Bulletproof with the added canna-butter, you experience all the great uplifting effects of coffee. Just without the added jitters or other uncomfortable side effects associated with drinking regular coffee. And you get a great-uplifting buzz to boot!

So ok, another question. Wouldn’t you get sick from consuming that much butter? I feel like that much in one coffee cup would be a natural laxative. AH!  While I found nothing on the subject of a natural laxative. I did find that should you experience nausea from drinking the blend, to scale back your dose of MCT. Your body needs to form a tolerance to the oil and that may be why your feeling sick. Say if you normally add 1 tablespoon, scale back to 1 teaspoon. If your still feeling bleh, try a different brand of coffee. Or drinking it slower! (Cause really. Who wants to chug that concoction?)

Do you drink Bulletproof Coffee? What do you use to make your coffee? A french press or conventional brewer? Do you use fine beans, or Folgers? Are you a canna-butter user, or traditional grass-fed butter? Im intrigued and want to know what others have been using!