Bugler Rolling Papers ReviewThese classic rolling papers are amongst the most economic you buy anywhere. If you smoke a lot of joints you will save a fortune with Bugler. Since 1932 they have been manufacturing quality products. So, today we’re doing a Bugler Rolling Papers Review. I was lucky enough to have a box sent to me for the sole purpose of doing this review. I always like getting free stuff. The only thing I don’t like is getting freebies and then having to do a negative review. Luckily , that is not the case today.

Bugler Rolling Papers Review

Bugler is an old fashion style rolling paper. There is nothing super extra-ordinary about them. The are pre-gummed. And they come in single wide size, which is 70mm. They smoke as good as Zig Zag’s or any other mass produced standard paper. So there is really no reason to over pay.

Bugler Rolling Papers Review So, if you’re looking for a good deal, Bugler is the best. Get ready to be blown away. You get a box of 24 packs. Each pack has 115 papers. Yes you heard me correctly. That means for $28.99 you get 2760 rolling papers. Seriously, you could roll a joint every single day for over 7 years and you would still have these papers. Think about that. So, for around 28 bucks you will most likely never buy a rolling paper again.

Bugler Rolling Papers Review – Final Thoughts

I remember taking Bugle lessons in high school. One of the first times I ever got stoned I had to go to Bugle lessons. The teacher knew in an instant that I was smoking weed. But she was cool. And she promised not to tell my parents or teachers. I thought that was so nice. Then Missy explained to me that she wanted a free bag of weed and for me to visit her that Firday night. I did. It was legendary. After that my friends called me “The Bugler.” Since then I became a big fan of these papers.