As far as getting high goes, this is my own personal Triple Crown. It’s a Kush strain, its a concentrate and it tastes like Bubble Gum. What more could you ask for in today’s Bubble Gum Kush Review? Vancouver’s best cannabis company, God’s Own Concentrates, now offers this maddeningly delightful shatter for your dabbing pleasure. So, move over Bazooka Joe there’s a new Sheriff in town, and his name is G.O.C.

God’s Own Concentrates – Shatter Time

Bubble Gum Kush, Review, Sexy Woman Blowing Bubble, Beautiful Woman, Bubble GumG.O.C. is a great company. If you are new to the world of shatter, wax and concentrates, these are the guys you want to deal with now. They make some of the purest products and maintain some of the highest standards in the entire industry. How else could they dominate the market in Vancouver, B.C., arguably the cannabis centre of the universe? If you are new, shatter is simply a purified form of cannabis that is close to 90% pure THC. Shatter is the most pure form of concentrate. Only the psychoactive chemical remains after the extraction process is complete. What is left is a thin sheet of golden honey glass-like material that when dropped “shatters”. Hence the name.

Bubble Gum Kush Review

The strain itself originates from Bulldog Seeds in Amsterdam. This is a world famous strain for potency and flavour. An 80 indica strain, it packs about 20% THC levels. The genetic origins remain a mystery to this day. But the affects are far from unknown. This is one couch locking powerhouse that will rid you of all pain, mental or otherwise. Although, very pure and high in THC, Bubble Gum Kush has almost no CBD at all. They offer packages of shatter from as cheap as $35 dollars up to around $200 dollars. Until recently you would have to visit a dispensary in North America. However, they now finally offer their exquisite creations directly from their website to your front door. Try some shatter today and get a far more superior high. You will never smoke a joint again. That is a guarantee. Enjoy!