This strain is as steeped in history as it is in mystery. Bubba is the original gangsta strain from way back in the day. It’s 22% THC levels, beautiful appearance and sweet taste have made it one of the most popular Indica strains in history.

I remember the first time I smoked Bubba Kush back in the mid-1990s. It was the first time I tried a Kush strain. And at the time it was the highest I had ever been. I had a date with a hot chick. We went to her Mom’s apartment. Her Mom went out and we were left alone. I thought it would be a good idea to pull out a joint. So, I did. And the rest is History.

However, its a History I would rather forget. I was so high I couldn’t move. She even asked me in a sexy tone, “What do you want to do with me now?” And I froze. I left like a jackass and called her the next day. She never answered and I never saw her again. But it was a great high.

Bubba Kush Strain ReviewBubba Kush Strain Review

Bubba is an interesting strain, it is one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever beheld. Fat green buds laced with purple hairs make it hypnotic to look at. And the flavour is amazing. It tastes like a chocolate sort of coffee that is really unique. And the high is really strong. That is to be expected with the potent THC levels. The fact that its an Indica strain means total relaxation. And I mean total.

Bubba Kush Origins

There is a bit of a debate about the specific genealogy of Bubba Kush. However, we do know that it is of Afghani descent. This was cross-bred with OG Kush and an unknown strain out of New Orleans. It is believed the mother plant is Northern Lights. So, it really is, at the end of the day, a Californian Kush.

Lastly, Bubba Kush is the perfect strain for the Indica user. It’s relaxation powers affect both body and mind, deeply. The 22% THC means you will be couch locked. So, best not to smoke too much if you’re planning on heading out as this is more of a solid medical strain for those who seek relief. Overall, Bubba Kush is a classic strain, sure to please.