Hot off the presses. Someone’s sparking up the doobage in Buckingham Palace again. You might remember that the Beatles admitted to smoking a joint in a bathroom at Buckingham Palace back in their day. Well, someone’s at it again. Who might it be you ask? Well, its not the cleaning ladies or the silly guards with their tall hats. Although, a look at them and one might assume they must be smoking something.

Who is it pray tell? Well, none other than the Princess Bride herself, our adorable American Princess, Meghan Markle. That’s right folks. Britain’s Royal Family Someone’s Growing Pot and someone’s smoking it. Meghan’s nephew is a pot farmer. God Save the Queen. It is a new day!

Britain’s Royal Family Someone’s Growing Pot – Who is It ?

This is great. Meghan’s nephew Tyler Dooley legally grows pot in Oregon. He’s even developed a strain in honor of Auntie’s big Wedding Day. The strain is called “Markle Sparkle.”  Its a strong strain that Dooley claims would easily “blow anyone’s crown off.” Now that is one “non” traditional gift for the Royal Family. I doubt Lady Diana and Prince Charles were hitting the pot pipe back in the day. But thanks to Mr. Dooley and his sweet Aunt Meghan times they are a changin’.

The regal strain made its public debut last month at the High Time Cannabis Cup in California to rave reviews. The strain has subtle blueberry tones and a smooth and sweet aroma that is suitable for a King, or Princess in this case. Also, the sativa dominant strain is very potent and a hybrid of Blueberry Northern Lights, Blue City Diesel and an as yet unnamed mystery strain.

Britain’s Royal Family Someone’s Growing Pot – Bloody Good Show

What’s Old is New Again

It’s hard to say for sure what marijuana usage has been like in the Royal family over the centuries. But there are documented tales throughout history that lead us to believe that cannabis has never really gone away. William Shakespeare himself was a big fan of the weed. They found all kinds of pipes with marijuana residue when the dug up his old garden. But the big give away is Queen Victoria. She used marijuana openly for menstrual cramps in the 1800s. England in the 1800s was super uptight. The fact that Queen was a big user of cannabis is significant. Her private doctors prescribed it and wrote about it in the medical journal, calling marijuana the most powerful medicine in the world.

We know that all recent American Presidents have tried and lied about marijuana. And that certain Prime Ministers under the Queens reign admit to using as well. And so it seems the once and future king, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan are simply following the royal blood line. Britain’s Royal Family Someone’s Growing Pot, the future is bright!