This Brian Berry Honey Lemon Review is ideal for home growers or dispensary owners. These are fast and large yielding seeds. Get started today and you can reap the rewards in less than 2 months time. It’s like a favourite saying of mine, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant”. Nothing could be truer. And MzJill Genetics is the perfect place to plant today’s seeds that will blossom into tomorrow’s dreams coming true!

MzJill Genetics – Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow!

Young sexy girl, beautiful woman, butt, smilingNothing beats having the best cannabis on the block. It’s also nice to be able to make money and not have to pay for your private stash.  One call to the folks at MzJill Genetics is all you need to set yourself up nicely. I would also suggest that you purchase a nice Grow Kit, depending on where you live. Grow Kits are super as they eliminate the many problems that Mother Nature can cause. Then your seeds will have a happy new home and will be sure to flourish under your guiding love. After that, kick back and watch your stash and bank accounts grow and grow.

Brian Berry Honey Lemon Review

These seeds are a hybrid of Quantum Kush and Brain Berry Surprise. So, your little seed babies will grow up to be big fat Sativa buds that taste super sweet and lemony. The average time from planting to yield is about 55-60 days. That is pretty fast for a quality Kush strain. They thrive indoors and outdoors. Therefore, depending on your local laws and weather you can plant accordingly. This is a great strain to sell. The yield is enormous, actually twice that of some other more popular strains. And the buds are a gorgeous light green. Hence, why this strain is perfect for the guy that wants to make a few bucks on the side and not have to pay for weed ever again!