I’ve recently been on the hunt for the rarest and most powerful strains. Not long ago I did a review for Frosted Freak. This led me to want to do a Brand X Marijuana Strain Review. This is one very powerful strain and equally difficult to find. However, it is available. You simply need to do the work. It’s worth it. Brand X is one of the most powerful indica strains on Earth at 28% THC.

Brand X Marijuana Strain Review

You may know Brand X by its other name Ostipow. Much like Frosted Freak, which is a child hybrid of Brand X, the breeders remain a mystery. The lineage is rich and powerful. Brand X is the result of cross-breeding Afghan, Northern Lights, Hash Pant and Ostipow Indica. That is one couch locking family right there my friends. The nuggets are as deep dark and green as a lush northern forest. The hairs are a dark orange with an almost amber hue. The buds are frosted with sparkling white trichomes. Brand X is fat and thick bud that you won’t soon forget.

Brand X Marijuana Strain Review 1Rich Deep Flavour

Then there’s the taste. Again, Brand X stands alone. Although the flavour is strong and unique it is a bit of an acquired taste. This is a very earthy strain in both appearance and taste. A heavy woody aroma follows up with minty sort of peppery finish. I loved it. But a couple of my friends didn’t. So, to each his own I say. However, the flavour is almost irrelevant compared to the magnitude of the high.

One Mighty Indica Strain

Brand X is as powerful as I have tried, ever. It packs a persuasive 28% THC in a 90% indica dominant bud. So, to be honest, it was really too much for me. I vaporized 3 medium hits and was couch locked for the entire day. Strangely, the sativa hit me first and I was laughing and really felt the psychoactive buzz. That only lasted about 15 minutes. Then the real deep indica rush swept over me. It was heavy and pulled me down into my chair where I would remain silently for the next many hours. Finally, I should mention, it also made me very horny. My girlfriends liked that. If you dig power, Brand X is a must try. If you can find it.