Today’s Botanical Euphoria Tincture Marijuana Edibles Review will showcase a product unlike anything you have probably ever tried up until now. This tincture is powerful and fast acting. You can “drop” your way to a better day, literally. This formula of THC and CBD is designed specifically for the person who suffers from stress. We would all like to walk through our day, our world and our problems with a more euphoric attitude. Now you can.

Botanical Euphoria Tincture Marijuana Edibles Review 1Tinctures are the cutting edge of medical edible advancements. And Alta is leading the way with their botanical line of cannabis infused products. Why let life get you down? Especially when it is no longer necessary to let the bad guy win. You can win. A few drops and you can lift yourself to a higher altitude.

I love medical edibles. Mostly I enjoy the experimentation. Oh, and I love to eat. So, I enjoy a nice got weed pizza or a THC rich brownie. I have even had ice cream,  popcorn and nacho chips laced with cannabis. But there is an actual “medical” edible market of which  I only tap into lightly. That is because I am more of a recreational user. And I’m not sick. But many patients need cannabis as part of their medical routine. Tinctures are lifesavers for these people. And Alta is here to help.

Botanical Euphoria Tincture Marijuana Edibles Review

One 15 ml dropper bottle will set you up with 15 doses. 10mg of these cannabinoids will hit you you instantly. It’s like a magic stress eraser. When taken orally the affects are 3 fold then when smoking.

The absorption adds to the quick and potent affect as well. Also the problem with traditional edibles is that they hit the stomach where a great percentage is lost in the stomach acid. Not the case with tinctures as the drops absorb in the throat and go directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach and the liver. This is good medicine.

 So, pick up a bottle today, say goodbye to stress and hello to Euphoria.