Bootube Large Bamboo Bong ReviewAloha from Bootube. Bootube is the big name in Bamboo Bongs. And The Big Kahuna is their premier bong. This is rare bambo that can only be found in Hawaii. And it makes for an acceptionally good quality bong that smokes smooth and consistently. Let’s take a look at our Bootube Large Bamboo Bong Review.

Bootube Large Bamboo Bong Review

This bong is handmade with certified organic black bamboo. It is painstaking crafted by hand and sealed watertight on the interior with beeswax. It also has a sweet hempseed oil finish that is organic and food grade. There is no carb hole. So, the structure is solid. And your herbs burn evenly.

I like the feel of a solid wood pipe in combination with borosilicate glass parts. Moreoever, this combination makes for a cooler and smoother smoke all around. Also, the finish makes The Big Kahuna resistent to mold and bacteria. And, it looks great. Lastly, it has cool Hawaiian Symbols engraved on the body and the Bootube logo as well.

Bootube Large Bamboo Bong ReviewThe bamboo shaft averages about 27 inches and has two nodes on the neck. The glass pipe  is solid, as are all the other glass parts. But the parts are replaceable should they break. The mouthpiece is nice and smooth. And the bowl is big at 14.5mm. Cleaning is as easy as rinsing with cold water. And maintenance is also a breeze. Bamboo is a natural wood. So, it needs periodic conditioning. But, this is not a problem. Because, a “Mowie Wowie Magick Salve” is included in your kit. The salve is made from natural coconut oil and beeswax. It is perfect to maintain natural wood for years of enjoyment.


This is one of the most expensive natural wood or bamboo products I have seen on the market. At $170-$200 dollars it is not cheap. But, do you want a quality handcrafted bamboo bong from Hawaii? Then this is the best of the best. If $170-$200 dollars is over your budget you might want to consider one of their smaller models. Bootube also produces The Da Kine Medium and The Menehune smallWe hope our Bootube Large Bamboo Bong Review was helpful. In closing, “Happy Bonging and Aloha!”