Everyone needs a little uplift in there life don’t they? Well if you are into vaping like I am, the Boost eRig could be one of the highs of your life! Finally a water filtration of glass construction that reproduces the dabbing to perfection. This device is so easy to operate for anyone. There is a button to press to turn it on. Then you just have to wait thirty seconds for the light LED light to turn blue. Now it is so easy by loading your product directly onto the titanium nail. This eRig can create up to fifty to sixty uses on a single battery charge. This revolution with portable dabbing with water filtration is outstanding in the world of vape pens for marijuana use. Let me tell you more in this Boost eRig Review.

Boost eRig Review

Seductive Nurse, Blonde Sexy Female, Nurse UniformIt was just last week when i was packing for my trip to Africa that my wife Shuga handed me my Boost eRig. Thank god she remembered it. It was a new to my collection and being glass I had set it aside in a safe place. I was to be in the dark continent to help a Pygmy colony with a water treatment and sanitation facility. It was an arduous task traveling down the Zambezi river with my three Zulu guides Pala, Gumbit and Kipi.

Boost eRig Review – Life Changing

We had one experience that I that will always stick out in my brain with nightmares almost nightly. We came around a bend and were met with a barrage of arrows. Moreover the mud covered natives had bones in their noses. We surrendered and were tied up. The mud people also searched us, they found my Boost eRig and also my stash of Kush.

They untied us and forced me to show them this strange device. So I did indeed and it was passed around and then around again. Soon we were all dancing to tribal drums and eating lizards on a stick. Therefore I was very grateful to have my Boost eRig and its great performance to get me through this difficult time.

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