Booger ReviewBooger is not usually a word I use much in my astounding vernacular. If you however like a relaxing yet euphoric and uplifting high search no more. Boogy on down to centre of your soul and think of nothing but happiness. I find this to definitely in my top ten of all time. A super mix of Strawberry Cough and Bubba Kush. Hybrid heaven is is were you will land. Colorado is the cause of this snizzle. The first time I encountered this is when my experience in in a rented house in Plum Cooley with my girl Shugga. Listen to a smokey time in this Booger Review.

Booger Review

We rented room on the first on the first floor of a Munster’s style old Victorian house. We had just put our bags down when there was a knock at the door. Their stood an odd looking couple, Spanky Buttons and Mr. Crickets from upstairs. They just smiled and handed us a nice fat spliff of Booger. They invited us upstairs to give us a welcoming gift. A Booger bag. They were in the Traveling Cyclone Circus. Spanky was a scary clown who never removed her make up. Mr. Crickets was dressed in a black tuxedo and wore a monocle. He only chirped like a cricket and had never spoken, for some reason unexplained.

Boogy Down

The Apartment was an eclectic mix of odd things. Including a live porcupine whose quills were impelled with a variety of multi coloured marshmallows. Also there was a long stuffed Ostrich head mounted on the wall. We sat and smoked even more Booger and listened to Tom Waits. The telling of their adventures were astounding to say the least. So they made us a nice dinner of ganja gumbo which was spectacular. Later we went on the roof jumped on the trampoline for an hour. Moreover their pet bullfrog Doug joined us for a while. That reptile had more than a can of worms! Quite a welcome I should say as it were. I wish everyone was as friendly. Booger helped to make sense of it all.

You that means you! Check out this if you will as so kind