I’m going to let you in on a little secret, you can totally use alternatives to water in your bong. Yup, You DO NOT have to use water in that bong of yours. Mind blowing, I know right? There are for sure more alternatives you can choose from, but these are the ones that get a green thumb up from me. 🙂 Enjoy!

Kool-aid, Country Lemonade, Ice Tea.

These are fun because of the huge flavour selections. I am a big fan of lemonade, the blue kool-aid and even mixing ice tea into the lemonade!

Red Wine

Who doesn’t want to class up their evening with a little Vino? Your date will be more than impressed. Or your cat. Which ever, because we’re here to enlighten, not judge!


Did we say anything about electrolytes yet? Your hoots will have electrolytes! *Disclaimer. They may not have electrolytes. But they will taste awesome. 😉

Woman Holding Lemon Green Background

Lemon/Lime/Orange/Grapefruit Rinds

You know how citrus in water just tastes so damn wonderful? Why not add that same citrus taste to your bong? A couple rinds will do, and as an added bonus, these guys act as silent cleaners!

Cranberry Juice

Now this will not have any detoxifying effects, but it will taste great on your palate! I would stick to Cranberry juice, not cocktail.


Now I have said before that adding boiling water to your bong can crack it. But adding tea that won’t burn your mouth if you drank it is more than ok. Just remember to stick your pinky out!

Woman Purple Dress Drinking Ice Tea

Vanilla Extract

Strange, I know. But think about it, Vanilla extract is used in most baking dishes, so why not use it when you yourself get baked? Just a drop will do! 🙂


Now understand, I’m from Canada. So this is something that is widely available! Packing some snow into your bong will give you a refreshing hoot, like breathing in a snowstorm! With all that being said, if you are going to be adding in water alternatives, make sure you dump out and rinse your bong regularly. This will prevent build up, especially if you are using anything that has sugar in it. While we are still on the subject of water alternatives, there are some that will not end in a good time. And no one wants that! Things to stay clear of include: Milk-Milk contains fat, which will therefore decrease the THC content. Alcohol-Low alcohol content is ok, but most of all remember. Alcohol is flammable so use caution! What alternative options for water do you use in your bong!? Let us know below!