Bob Marley StrainBob Marley Strain pays homage to the Iconic King of Reggae.The linage of this strain originates from Bob’s favorite strain of Lambsbread. This is a vert relaxing herb that spurs creativity and inspires positivity. I will tell you my experience with this ganja in this Bob Marley Review.

Bob Marley Strain Review

You can go anywhere in the world and you see a person wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt. From Tasmania to Timbuktu people know his music. There are Reggae festivals in most countries of the world. Marley is the reason for bringing reggae to the world. Mr. Marley was a Rastaman who was a pioneer of reggae music. Bob Marley and the Wailers were the first band from the third world to become stars. He smoked a lot of herb everyday.  So the results can be heard in his unforgettable songs of love, truth, compassion and righteousness. There are plenty of interviews where he speaks his philosophy of life when he is smoking a big spliff.  Sot the struggle of the poor were always in his songs.


Also were the themes of trying to make the best of life and help one another.  Moreover many of his songs were also very uplifting to help poor and people who felt they had no hope feel good and hopeful. I have been to Jamaica many times. Also hearing the songs of Bob in the land of his birth is very special to me. I had the pleasure of of seeing Marcia Griffiths who was one of his back up singers.

She performed a medley of Marley songs that brought tears to my eyes. One thing I loved at that concert was the Rasta’s walking through the crowd with tray’s of spliff’s and rolling papers for sale. That was cool ! I hope you have a chance of toking a nice spliff of Bob Marley strain. Put on his music and plan a trip to Negril Jamaica. You won’t be disappointed. You will Lively up yourself fe real mon !