Bob Marley Hemp rolling Papers ReviewEvery little thing gonna be alright Mon. Especially, your toking is going to be alright if you use these rolling papers. Our Bob Marley Hemp Rolling Papers Review will illustrate the reasons why. These papers are all natural and pure hemp. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Master himself.

And no other person in History has made a bigger mark on pot culture than Bob Marley. For Bob and the entire island of Jamaica, marijuana is sacred. Smoking weed is actually part of the Rasta religion. The Rastas figured out the benefits of toking long ago.

I was fortunate enough to have spent a month in Negil on the south coast of Jamaica for a couple of months a few years ago. We stayed at Roots Bamboo right on the beach. And as a result, we spent all of our time with the Rastas. They have an incredible outlook on life. Mostly, they were all incredibly cool and mellow guys. Also, they were all amazing musicians. And of course they all rolled their own joints. So rolling papers are a big deal on the island. And Bob Marley is the premier roilling paper.

Bob Marley Hemp Rolling Papers Review

Bob Marley Hemp rolling Papers ReviewFirst of all, the papers come in 15 different designs. Also, you know they’re great because they’re made of Pure Hemp. Morever, the glue is 100% natural Gum. One pack comes with 33 leaves. The paper burns slow and evenly. They are officially licsenced and sold directly from the Bob Marley estate. So, you know they are authentic.

Get up, Stand up and get a pack today. Each pack has customized words of wisdom for Bob himself. They are as all natural as the man himself. There is no chemical taste or foul smell that so often accompanies mass produced rolling papers.

It’s like Bob taught us, “No one but our selves can free our minds.” So go grab a pack of papers and grab your favorite Herbs. And do like the Natural Mystic did so well. Stir it Up, Mon.

In conclusion, if you ever get the chance to travel go to Jamaica and hang out with the Rastas. I guaranteee you will never be the same. One Love.