Blueberry Widow ReviewBlueberry widow is just one of those strains that you will never forget. A super hybrid with a THC level of 19- 21%. So this packs a potent punch and a most pleasurable high. It only takes a couple of tokes to do the job. You will be grinning ear to ear in euphoric bliss. A happy herb indeed. The buds themselves have a bluish hue, thus the name. Also of course the sweet taste of fruity blueberry. This herb helps me with relaxing and easing stress as you will see in this Blueberry Widow Review.

Blueberry Review

A few years ago I took a strange job in accounting for the government. If you can call it that. For some reason they wanted all the grains of sand in the world accounted for. They also had to be individually numbered. We had a special machine we would pour the sand in a hopper and an electron microscope would look at every grain and the a special machine would encode with  a special cryptic code number. I started in the Caribbean on the beautiful beach of Negril. I was toking Blueberry Widow the whole time while feeding the hopper.

Sands of Time

So I got a lot of enquiries from curious people on the beach. It was very hard to explain the operation. Moreover I was not sure myself what exactly was the point of it all. It was alright being on the the beach with the rasta’s and smoking the herb. After that beach I did all the rest beach’s in Jamaica. Also I went on to do all the beaches of the world. It was time consuming to say the least. My next assignment was the accounting of all the grains of sand in the desert’s of the world. It was hot tedious and somewhat boring work. The Blueberry Widow and My Ipod helped me keep my sanity. Let me tell you, there is a lot sand in this world as it were !

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