I tried these Kiva Confections a few years ago. I remember liking them very much. So, when I saw them at the dispensary the other day I thought why not give them another go. Well, I sure am glad I did. I forgot how terrific they are. I couldn’t wait to write a raving Blueberry Terra Bites Review. These little chocolate balls hide delectable blueberries inside and 5 mgs of THC each, just a perfect treat.

Blueberry Terra Bites Review – High End

There really is no better edible that I have tried that comes close to the quality of this Kiva Confection. They cut no corners and use only the finest of ingredients. Also, you can see the quality in the gorgeous tin can and presentation. An inferior product cuts corners on the actual product themselves, never mind the packaging.

Blueberry Terra Bites ReviewA Terra Bite is a small delicious ball packed with dried US grown organic blueberries, lightly coated in cocoa powered, then finished off with a polished milk chocolate that is as good as it gets. Its what I like to call high end. The word is high end, high end website, high end packaging, high end ingredients and best of all, high end taste and THC.

Their website lists the ingredients. I like that, no secrets or misinformation. Many medical edible companies do not list what is in their products. That is always a very big red flag for me. So, buyer beware.

Kiva Confections – Delicious Medicine

Kiva Confections proudly sells one tin can with 24 chocolate Bites, each with 5 mgs of THC, for around $14.95 dollars. And they have every right to be proud. They swept the awards in San Francisco in 2017, winning East Bay Express User Poll, Best Edible in SF Weekly and Best edible in The Errl Cup.

Pretty impressive stuff for the California not-for-profit collective. Finally, as absolutely yummy as this treat is it is really about medicine at the end of the day. Terra Bites are micro dosage balls. Now you can easily manage your pain or medicine routine in a fun and tasty way thanks to Kiva Confections.