Blue Velvet is a 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. This is a great body and cerebral high. This stimulating herb is across between Purple Thai and Afghan Indica. I find this a great all around smoke with a THC level of 171%. Great for anxiety. The buds themselves are covered in nice frosty trichomes and crawling with red hairs. A nice spicy emanates from this herbage. filling the area with that sweet ganja aroma. This strain is in my top ten. This relieved my stress quite a bit as you will see in this Blue Velvet Review.

Blue Velvet Review

Blue Velvet ReviewTwo weeks ago on a Saturday morning, I awoke early to the sound singing birds and the sound of squirrels and other various critters frolicking in the yard below. My wife Shuga lay snoring like a wombat beside me in a lump of the duvet. I snuck downstairs And toked a nice spliff of Blue Velvet and made some scrambled eggs. The wildlife outside was hitting a crescendo of a cacophony of crazy chirping and squealing.

The garden

I went out on the back deck and was stunned to see the house covered in squirrels. Maybe 2000 or more. I started to count when something caught my attention from the corner of my eye. My eyeballs bulged like two bloodshot ping pong balls. A site to behold indeed. There were twelve raccoons playing volleyball in the back of the yard. They were quite good much to my amazement. One, in particular, had a wicked spike despite such little hands. I then looked over to my garden of Blue Velvet to see the animals had eaten it all the buds. I was disturbed but yet happy to see my furry friends enjoying themselves. So I sat back and toked some more weed and watched the party. Moreover, at one point I joined the game and later made them all hot dogs. It was a fabulous day. One I shall not soon forget as it were.