Blue Mystic Review 1Blue Mystic is a great mix of Blueberry and Northern Lights #5. This fine herbage has the taste of a fresh bowl of mixed berries This Indica dominant strain has a THC level of 10- 14 %. So this is a great herb for beginners. The novice should take heed because just a couple of tokes will do. Couch lock can appear and severe munchies will be induced. Be prepared. Also sometimes I can become very contemplative as you will see in this Blue Mystic Review.

Blue Mystic Review

After I have a toke I like to sit sometimes and count my blessing’s. Here are somethings that make me happy. My girlfriend, my dog, short buildings, sardines, sleeping in, my friends, high on a roller coaster, a good healthy salad, River and lakes to swim and maybe go for a boat ride. If we are lucky. Campfires are fun to. When you toke up and sing songs with friends and family. A bucket of fried chicken is also very tasty indeed. Cave diving is fun when you encounter various barnacles, not to mention the fish. Will Farrel makes me laugh. Cold beer is nice on a hot summer day. My grandmother makes fine biscuits with raisins.


I am so grateful for parents successful copulation, conception, delivery and subsequent birth of me. Without them I would be no one. I once broke my ankle while on a submarine. My nurse is now my fabulous girlfriend. A perfect example of good coming from bad I should say indeed. Moreover I enjoy making thatched roof bird houses sitting under a palm tree while toking a joint of this great strain. I like risking my life in the Isle of Mann motorcycle race.  Driving through the the winding country roads at up to 200 mph is very thrilling. Completing the race and being in one piece is also very exciting. It gives me also a warm feeling in my heart to dress up as a large squirrel and giving chocolate and telling tall tales in old folks homes much to their delight. Blue Mystic has made a big difference in my life as you may tell.

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