Blue Magoo ReviewBlue Magoo is a clone strain is a an Indica dominant strain with a 70% – 30% ratio. Happy as a clam and you will be when this herb sets you free. You know how happy clams are ? This some really relaxing herb and yet not so much as to cause couch lock. Like a stuffed Koala Bear watching the cooking channel with your dog ! A mellow Hybrid that actually gives you a state of alertness and you will see in this Blue Magoo Review.

Blue Magoo Review

So It happened that my ex brother in law’s half cousin’s son, Baron Wolfgang von Frankenschnitzel¬† is a good friend of king of Tongo. Once we were all invited for the Queen of the Snail ceremony by request. Myself and Shuga came along to help man the 32FT Nautilus sloop, Stone Roller. So setting sail from Hawaii in the of the bay we found a bag of Blue Magoo floating right beside our boat at dock just before we left and we were elated. It was a treasure – an ounce of Blue Magoo !¬† So a strong wind died one night and we all sat on deck in dead calm and smoked a couple of spilffs of Blue Magoo. A jet black night sky was shimmering with diamonds and shooting stars. We sat in awe listening to the mellow tropical vibes of Sandollar Shoebox.

Finding Treasure

Moreover this phantasmagorical ceremony was a spectacle to behold indeed ! The vivacious Vunatkalua Ugmoog was crowned Queen of the Snail and pandemonium ensued as 200 tribal drummers and dancers were brought into the clearing. Lit by 1000 Tiki torches the jungle was lit alight in brilliance. Snail Queen Vunatkalua was hoisted on a giraffe and bulbs on her coconut bikini top were lit by blinking blue lights. So she was led off waving to the exuberant celebration. So Blue Magoo is passed around and then we all beat tribal drums and tin cans until the the sun rose over the sparkling Pacific with a lovely brilliance. In conclusion it was night to remember ! Blue Magoo … I love you !