Blue Kudu Toffee Almond Marijuana Edibles ReviewThe Blue Kudu is coming for you. Their Toffee Almond Chocolate Bar is not only one of the best tasting medical edibles that I have tried, but it’s also one of the more powerful. BK packs 100 mgs of THC in this little treat. And I can tell you, they do not skimp on the THC. Check out this Blue Kudu Toffee Almond Marijuana Edibles Review and change they way you indulge forever.

When done right, nothing beats a great chocolate laced with cannabis. So many that I have tried however, really have a hard time masking the cannabis flavor. Most of the time it ruins the whole treat for me. What is the point really of making a dessert or cookie or chocolate bar if it doesn’t taste good? Why not just take a pill? So for that reason medical edibles need to be just that, edible. Blue Kudu seems to understand that. And their bakers do as well. They really know what they’re doing when it comes to chocolate.

I only ate two. I am always wary about an edible that I am unfamiliar with. This time I made the right choice. 20 mgs was more than enough to send my night skyrocketing to the stars. The view is pretty good up there. Luckily the view is nice because I was up there for hours. I am not sure why some 20 mg edibles barely affect me and then others wipe me out. Either way, what ever strain they use acts nicely on my sense of well being and my sense of humor.

Blue Kudu Toffee Almond Marijuana Edibles ReviewBlue Kudu Toffee Almond Marijuana Edibles Review

Getting back to taste let us look at this unique bar. When you take toffee and almonds and mix them with milk chocolate you get the best possible combination of taste bud tingling ingredients known to man. That might just be my opinion. But it is. And I’m sticking with it. I am amazed that Blue Kudu can pack so much THC into such a small chocolate bar and come up with almost no cannabis after taste at all. Kudos Kudu.