If it’s good enough for the King, then it’s good enough for me. Blue Hawaiian will “Love you Tender” with 24% TCH levels. And it’ll knock you out of your “Blue Suede Shoes” with it’s 70% Sativa. This is a crossbreeding of Blueberry and Hawaiian Kona. So, you know it’s strong and tasty. Our Blue Hawaiian Marijuana Strain Review will explain just why.

This strain is a marriage made in Heaven, unlike Elvis and Hollywood. None the less one of his worst movies has inspired one of the best strains known to mankind. If you like a powerful strain that tastes great, Blue Hawaiian is for you. It sure is for me. One smell and you “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

When I first discovered Elvis I was “All Shook Up.” We discovered marijuana at the same time. ¬†Elvis was long gone. But his music still had the magic. We would hide in my parents basement and get super high. Then put on his early albums. And thus began my life long love of Rock n Roll and smoking pot.

Blue Hawaiian Marijuana Strain Review 2

Blue Hawaiian Marijuana Strain Review

Blue Marijuana’s texture is very dense and dank. You need this stuff to dry out. Or you’ll never get it lit. The colors are beautiful, light green buds and bright orange and red hairs. But for me the taste is what makes it a winner. BH is very sweet and has a heavy berry after taste.

The recreational user will find great euphoria and relaxation with the smallest amounts. The serious smoker will find great laughs and creativity without the couch lock. The 30% Indica gives this strain an energetic boost.

And finally, from the medical stand point Blue Hawaiian is tremendous for stomach ailments. Suffers of nausea, bowel irritation, stomach aches and inflammation enjoy miraculous relief.

So, “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” Well, you don’t need to be. You will no longer have a “Blue Christmas.” All you need is Blue Hawaiian. Elvis has left the building!