Blue Dream ReviewBlue Dream is somewhat of a legend in southern California. This Hybrid is a Sativa dominant strain crossing a mix of Sativa Haze and Blueberry Indica. Blue Dream is great for both beginners and veteran tokers. This fine herb has the nice qualities of both body relaxation and a calm mental invigoration and gentle state of euphoria. This sensational strain has THC levels ranging from 14% to 17% so is a nice balance that will not leave you couch locked. Quite happy though you shall be feeling with this fruity flavored herb ! Take a look at this Blue Dream Review.

Blue Dream Review

I had the pleasure last year of a nice road trip with my girl Shuga and another couple. We drove from Vancouver to Los Angeles. On the way we stopped in the beautiful town of Carmel were we picked up some Blue Dream. It was like a dream come true, with the Shuga at the wheel of my 53 Cadillac convertible. We cruised the pacific coast highway with the tunes blasting, down to the Napa Valley wine country. We took a tour of some excellent vineyards. I remember my friends and I sitting in the midst of those luscious grapes and partaking of few tokes of Blue Dream and mellowing out under the warm sunny California sky. We did not drink more than one glass of free wine though. One thing I do not like is drinking to much because I don’t like hangovers, One of the great things about the natural herb such as Blue dream you have none of the problems of alcohol. Which are many and cause many many more problems than cannabis as you may well know.

Helpful and Happy

Blue dream hybrid has a nice mix and I find is an happy and elating herb. Moreover the medicinal qualities include reduction of stress, depression and pain. Blue Dream is like a dream come true and can be that way for you !