Our Blue Dragon Desert Frost Review sheds light on one of the most CBD powerful strains you can find anywhere. This hybrid is a fascinating flower packed with fragrance and healing goodness. What makes this strain really exceptional is its very low THC levels. Very few strains have THC levels as low as 10%. And even fewer have such high levels of CBD. Blue Dragon Desert Frost tops off at around 20% CBD, making this strain a true medical marvel.

Blue Dragon Desert Frost Review – King of CBD

Our Blue Dragon Desert Frost Review 1Many folks need the benefits of cannabis to aid in pain relief, both mental and physical. However, children and seniors don’t benefit from the psycho-tropic affects of the THC. Basically they don’t want to “get high.” This is where CBD rich strains come in quite handily. The benefits of cannabis can be enjoyed without the high when you ingest CBD. 20% is the highest level I have ever come across.

Moreover, this strain is incredibly sweet and tasty. The aroma is heavy blueberries. The buds get their flavour from The Blue Dragon, which is a hybrid of Sour Diesel and DJ Short Blueberry. That is one tasty mix. Also beneficial is the fact that this strain is a 60% indica. Indica has powerful affects on the body. But not so much on the mind. Its sativa that has more euphoric affects. So couple that with CBD and you get medicine that really works more on the body than the mind. This makes great medicine. Overall, this strain is not really used as a recreational, for obvious and pre-stated reasons.

Blue Dragon Desert Frost is a perfect strain for edibles. Medical edibles are the perfect application for CBD rich strains. Users experience the numbing and relaxing affects without the paranoia or overwhelming “high” normally associated with eating cannabis.  Yerba Buena is a great company. You can go directly to their website by simply click on the link and check it out for yourself. Let them start helping you today.