Blue Cookies ReviewBlue Cookies is one of those unique Indica dominant hybrids that is both euphoric and relaxing at the same time. A beautiful blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. Very potent and very relaxing. Also a sense of euphoria and creativity sets in. You are floating on cloud nine with believing you should actually be on cloud ten. The bud’s themselves are crawling with nice frosty Trichomes. A fruity aromatic resin makes these ganja nugget’s  a beautiful thing to behold indeed. Also a delightful blue and purple hue makes these delectable even more enticing. Let me tell you a bit more in my Blue Cookies Review.

Blue Cookies Review

It was a usual day in my life last year that became very unusual. I once again boarded the train to get to midtown Manhattan. Jammed in like sardines, with half the people smelling like them. I had forgotten some important papers. So I got off on the B line and took a taxi home. I saw my father’s car in the driveway which I thought was strange. When I opened the door I heard noises from upstairs. I walked slowly up the stairs and looked in the bedroom.

Surprise Surprise

Horrified and dumbfounded I was indeed. For before my eyes I saw my father having carnal relations with my lovely wife. I almost fainted. Walking like a zombie I made it down to river and sat on a bench and cried like a baby. The betrayal on both parts was mind blowing. Just the other week my wife had thrown me a surprise birthday party and my father had taken mr fishing. Now my wife is pregnant with my father’s child. Yikes also now I’m going to have a new baby brother ! Moreover The thing that keeps me sane through all of this craziness is toking a nice spliff of Blue Cookies.

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