Blissful Wizard Marijuana Strain ReviewGet ready to be Blissful. We have a magical strain for you today. How does 34% THC sound ? That’s right folks, 34% THC. Never in my life have I smoked anything close to the Wizard’s power. You will be casting spells between laughing fits when packing the bong with this mighty strain. We proudly present our Blissful Wizard Marijuana Strain Review for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

My first experience with marijuana was with my Dungeons and Dragon friends. We would get mighty stoned and play all night. We all wanted to be the Wizard, of course. The irony is that as we were entering the world of pot smoking we were also discovering Rock n Roll. And our favorite band was Black Sabbath. As luck would have it my first favorite song from Ozzy and the boys was “The Wizard.” If you’ve never heard you need to Youtube it. It holds up today just as it did back then.

My love for magic and wizardry along with Rock n Roll and pot smoking are just as potent as they were so many years ago. But the word potent has taken on a very new meaning. This hybrid strain will cast a spell on you so powerfully you will need Gandalf’s help to find your way back to the real world.

Blissful Wizard Marijuana Strain Review

Blissful Wizard Marijuana Strain Review

The Wizard is a 50/50 sativa and indica split. This is perfect for both body and head highs. And you will feel both very strongly and for a long time. But it’s the THC that gets you. I have smoked a ton of different strains and nothing compares to the power of the Wizard. I have never heard of a strain with a higher level of THC.

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Blissful Wizard is a the hybrid result of crossing Captain’s Cookies with Girl Scout Cookies. The taste is great too. It tastes like apples. What else need be said of this Cannabis Cup award winning strain? Nothing! Go try some. If you dare.