Today lets look at this Blissful Black Tea Review. For thousands of years, the most one of the most popular beverage on earth has been tea. Known for its healing properties and calming effect. What if you could enjoy a nice cup of soothing tea with a nice dose of THC. Let’s explore more in-depth in this review.

Blissful Black Tea Review

Blissful Black Tea Review, Sexy Queen of Hearts, Beautiful Woman Drinking Tea, Marijuana Edibles, Stillwater BrandsThe Stillwater company uses tea from a third generation plantation in India that provides a high-quality leaf. Stillwater also has very high standards in the production using only the purest high-quality cannabis on the market. Also, they incorporate CO2 extraction distilled cannabis oils to ensure a healthy pure product. Stillwater uses its excellent Ripple dissolvable THC solution to ensure maximum infusion. Blissful Black Tea has the healing powers of cannabinoids 2.5mg of CBD and a low 2.5 mg of THC. Moreover, this tea is called blissful for an important reason.

Blissful Black Tea Review – Calming

Have a cup of this delicious tea in the morning and it will change your day. Containing caffeine, this gives you the necessary kick to get your day started  So with such a low dose of THC you will not get so stoned that it will interfere with your day. Just a smooth calming effect that puts you in a good mood to face the day in this increasingly hectic world. Also, the benefits of CBD are there for people who need help with medical problems that CBD helps. Ripple which Stillwater uses in Blissful Black tea is a pure THC water soluble distillate that is responsible for the calming effect. In only about 15 minutes you will feel the bliss of this tasty black tea. This stress relieving tea proceeds to deliver fast results and slow even dissipation. If drinking tea has never been of your taste, Blissful Black Tea will without a doubt change your mind. Try a cup today and enjoy.