Blaze Glass Mini O Rig ReviewBlaze has masterfully created a Mini O Rig that you can purchase for only $79.00 dollars. It is also known as “The Donut.” One look explains why. The design is quite unique and functional. And it looks great. If you like using oils and concentrates then you will want to read today’s Blaze Glass Mini O Rig Review.

I love a good dab rig. I spent most of my smoking career rolling joints and burning my throat each time. And back in the day hemp and all natural papers did not exist. When I think of the unneeded chemicals I put through my lungs for decades it scares me to no end. Thankfully those days are behind me. Thanks to companies like Blaze and Hero Love and American Glass.

Blaze Glass Mini O Rig Review

We have a lot of information to cover so let’s get right into it shall we? Well, it starts with 100% borosilicate glass. The Donut stands 180mm. And the look is magnificent. Therefore, it makes an attractive addition to any collector’s showcase. The real selling point is the inline diffuser. The diffuser has four small slots for infiltration. This does a great job cooling off your smoke. It also creates a very smooth hit.

The mini Donut has a very elegant design as you can see in the photo. For a smaller or “mini” oil rig the power stands up to my Showerhead mini. You can see my review here What I like about this mini rig is the mini price tag. My Showerhead cost twice as much. So, I suggest you read both and decide which suits your needs better. Also, if you’re looking for a higher end rig in the 400-500 dollar range check out Frito Banger Rig Reveiw here.

Blaze Glass Mini O Rig ReviewBlaze Glass Mini O Rig Review – More Specs

The bong is small but gets the job done. The pathway is the key to the design. The “donut” swirls the smoke round and round. It continues to break up the smoke into tiny bubbles which further cool off your hit. When the smoke finally gets to the mouthpiece the well designed splash guard prevents water from getting into your mouth.

The 10mm male joint and 10mm female vapor dome are universal and come with a handle. Also, the glass itself is heat resistant. And the nail is made of quartz glass. The rim and handle and base are all black glass, adding to the sexy and sophisticated over all look.

Overall, the Donut is a solid performer. I like the size. And I like the price. Mostly I like the design. I have many bongs and oil rigs. The Donut stands up to bongs that cost twice as much. Therefore, I give The Donut from Blaze a Thumbs Up.