Blackout Brownies Marijuana Edibles ReviewEnjoyable Edibles have dropped the Nuclear bomb of  cannabis treats as you will shortly see in today’s Blackout Brownies Marijuana Edibles Review. This insane brownie packs a ludicrous 1000 mgs of THC. I have read that no one has ever overdosed on THC, cannabis or marijuana. There’s not one documented case of death by marijuana on a single corpse’s Death Certificate anywhere in North America. But that could possibly change thanks to the maniac bakers over at Enjoyable Edibles. Let’s hope not.

As many of you know, I am a life long and a daily smoker. Well, I don’t smoke anymore because I evolved and now almost exclusively use medical edibles. However, I will certainly hit the bong or spark up a joint in a pinch. Oddly, I have never built up any sort of tolerance. If I take 2 or 3 hits off a joint I am super high all day.

Edibles work a little differently on me. That is a good thing. They slowly creep up on me and I get to avoid that initial paranoia hit that always disables me for the first half hour or so. The idea of eating 1000 mgs of THC terrifies me. But being the trooper that I am, and your favorite reviewer, I decided to do it for you guys, my fans. It’s the least I can do for my faithful flock. So, I did it. Oops. It wasn’t good.

I lied. Because in the end I only ate about a 1/4 of the brownie. I chickened out. Sorry, guys. But, thank God. I think I really would have died. The truth is 25-50 mgs is more than enough for any user. 100 mgs is too much. I ate 500 mgs. I then spent the rest of my night in my pool. The pool had no water in it. But that didn’t stop me from doing dry laps as I laughed and screamed and, well pretty much lost my mind.

Blackout Brownies Marijuana Edibles ReviewBlackout Brownies Marijuana Edibles Review

You really have to love Enjoyable Edibles and the gigantic balls they have to make the Blackout Brownie. In my opinion it’s half gimmick and half awesomeness. I mean we are talking about 1000 mgs of THC in a tiny brownie. You could seriously get super stoned like 40 times. You need to take mouse nibbles. This is to avoid being locked in your room wondering if the cartoon characters are going to climb out of the TV and kill you. I thought Tom and Jerry were coming for me. Jerry was looking right at me. I didn’t like that.

But hey, if your nuts, or really like to get blasted, then by all means go Blackout. The chocolate tastes good and has a fudge flavor that is nice. But of course the cannabis flavor is very strong. So, I wasn’t a big fan of the taste. And to be completely honest, this thing is just way to fucking crazy. I think it’s very dangerous for the newcomers. I would exercise extreme caution. But if you’re a bunch of crazy party animals and this Blackout Brownies Marijuana Edibles Review got you excited, go for it.