Blackberry Snow Cone Strain Review by Jack Davis

This super strain is a product of the famous bud breeder Jack Davis. He certainly has come up with a deliciously fruity and potent strain. These euphoric Blackberry buds are covered with snowy white trichomes. The buds themselves are very robust with deep purple overtones like the berries themselves. Although strangely this also has a peachy flavour that is both a surprising and pleasing combination.

Blackberry Snow Cone Strain by Jack Davis has a very calming effect yet gives a nice sense of euphoria at the same time. A Sativa dominant hybrid that packs a wallop yet is not mind-numbing. I find this herb gives a creative and giggly chilled sensation. Perfect for social situations as you will see in this Blackberry Snow Cone Strain Review by Jack Davis.

Blackberry Strain Review

Blackberry Snow Cone Strain ReviewIt was a warm summer evening last June when I hosted a bbq and bonfire at my cottage on the lake. This was a reason to celebrate. Our band The Garden Slugs had just released our debut album “Slime Time”. The whole band was there for the festivities. Spanky Buttons, Mr.Crickets, Zukie la Rue and our soundman and manager Smedley Snodgrass. Also joining us around the fire were my dog Doug and my Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, Hamlet.

What made this celebration even more enjoyable was the arrival of our good friend Baron Wolfgang von Frankenschnitzel. Our number one fan brought a bag of Blackberry Snow Cone Strain. We all passed around joyful joints of this happy herb until we were mellow as jello and happy as a clam. We all know how happy clams are sitting on the sandy ocean floor?

Soon we were dancing around to “ Slime Time” knowing it was going to be a huge hit. Our music took on a different dimension with the  Blackberry herb. Our neighbours the Glugen’s (Carl & Mildred) dropped by with smores. We were a little upset, because of the herpes transmission to our son Tiberius from their daughter Susan.

Everything was forgiven because we were so mellow from all the Blackberry spliffs. This herb has helped us with inspiration to write songs for our new album “Soupbone Slide”. Thanks, Jack Davis for Blackberry Snow Cone Strain. This has been very friendly to my brain. Conehead O’brian is now my nickname!