I got a Black Magic Woman. And now we also have a Black Magic Wax Review. I am honestly not sure which I love more. Brite Labs has changed my life.  If you use cannabis for recreational reasons or for medicinal purposes you can not beat the purity, nor the power of wax. Black Magic Wax is considered a “raw” medicine due it’s incredible purity. And Brite Labs is the best.

Brite Labs – Black Magic Wax Review

Black Magic Wax Review by Brite Labs 1Why wax? Why not is a better question. Wax is the newest and most effective way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Brite Labs uses state of the art Supercritical CO2 extraction to create their wax. They meticulously preserve the integrity of the compounds extracted from the gently dried plants. Your wax only delivers the best elements of your favourite strain, none of the unnecessary remains. What you get is a “raw” high. The soft consistency of wax is also the best “raw” medicine as it is incredibly easy to measure and control dosages accurately.

The CO2 process eliminates all the solvents and chemicals used in other harvesting productions. Also, wax is pure. So, unlike smoking, you’re not getting all the carbon monoxide and other negative aspects of the flower you do not need. The same holds true for medical edibles. These usually contain sugar, fat, preservatives and many other ingredients that are not conducive to patient usage. So, wax really wins, hands down.

Also, Brite Labs is the least expensive wax company I have come across. Their prices are about half the competition. So, that alone is reason enough to give them a try. Do it. You will be so glad you did. Black Magic is just one strain they use to make wax. There are others you can choose from depending on what you need from Sativa’s and Indica’s, etc. Tell them Peter sent you and they might throw in a free gift. Cheers!