Black Label Live Resin Review by Incredibles

I love every product I have ever tried from the masters over at Incredibles. I was thrilled to get a chance to try and then write a Black Label Live Resin Review. Overall, I have written probably a dozen reviews for them before and they were all 5 stars. I was excited to see what these guys have been up and if they were continuing to maintain that high level or even possibly raising the bar. They just rose the bar again, my friends. This stuff rocks!

Black Label Live Resin Review

Black Label Live Resin ReviewIncredibles entire line of extracts is award-winning and for good reason, for the best reasons. They win over and over again for quality, purity, potency and consistency. What more do you look for in a company or a product? Nothing! So, you know, if you do your due diligence and research, that you are in good hands before purchasing. I tried Black Label and I have to say these guys are unstoppable and “unstoppable.”

This live resin is a traditionally cured BHO extract. That means it carries more robust terpene concentration, which means you get a purer more concentrated product. In the end, it means a more potent and cleaner high. And I got to tell you folks, this ain’t no joke, although you will be laughing. That’s a guarantee.

Blue Ribbon for Black Label

Blue ribbon means we have a winner. You simply cannot find a better concentrate than Black Label anywhere, at any price.  All their products are grown in-house. And they use very strain specific genetics. Also, they only harvest at the peak terpene window. All this ensures the consistency you want when buying and using live resin. Their state-of-the-art laboratories are second to none. And there constant third-party testing is all the insurance you need to know you are getting a premium product. We give our Black Label Live Resin Review a very fat thumbs up!