Black Domina ReviewBlack Domina was a very surprising birthday gift I received last week. I can tell you I had never encountered it before. This hybrid of happenstance has been lifting my spirits quite a bit lately. Not much is known of the origins of this mix strain. All I know it sure is that it has helped me cope with the strange circumstance that has been taking place lately. I will try to explain if I can in this Black Domina Review.

Black Domina Review

So I was walking to the subway station the other day when I suddenly felt strange. I look down and saw that all my clothes were on backwards and my shoes were on the wrong feet ! I stood there stunned and then I looked around to see everybody dressed the same. The people on the train were all acting normally. I asked a rotund woman with bulbous red nose what was wrong with everybody ? She looked at me like I was crazy and scurried away.

I got to my office and put my clothes on right. My secretary Dildonia burst out laughing. Why are you dressed like that she asked ? My head started to spin and I passed out face first into a box of glazed donuts. I awoke with a doctor staring at me. He had his pants over his head and his legs in his shirt. I was perplexed and confounded to say the least.

Three weeks at the funny farm had me on the right path to sanity. I had lost all grip on reality and had become a raving wingnut. The prognosis was work related stress. I am now on a strict regime diet of pasta Carbonara and Black Domina. I am stress free now and happy as a clam. So now I have my underware on in the right direction and am back to my 40 hour work week. A special thanks to Black Domina for getting my head straight with all that anxiety.

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