If you’re looking to add a quality bong to your collection then you’re going to want to read our Black Diamond Stardust Bubbler Review. This heat resistant, borosilicate glass bubbler really does the job. For $214 dollars you can add this Mountain Jam Glass Bong to your collection. You will be glad you did. 

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Design-wise this bubbler is sleek and simple. It delivers a nice smooth hit time after time. For a higher end bong it is not laden with extras and gimmicks. I like that. The look is smart and sexy. When I am hitting a bong the most important thing is a solid hit. The Black Diamond does just that. I like it. 

Black Diamond Stardust Bubbler Review – Specifications

Mountain Jam Glass has released another great glass master work. First let’s look at the look and style. The green Slyme glasswork runs through the bong. And it’s nicely accented with a black diamond and stardust finish. There’s a cool black medallion and nice colored marble work that adds just the right amount of sophistication without being too gaudy. The design focuses on functionality. This is obvious in the stand up sherlock style bubbler.

The angled mouthpiece with marias, is very comfortable for smoking your dry herbs. The14.5mm bowl comes with a roll stopper. And the diffuser downstem has a 14.5mm joint. Also, the slightly bent mouthpiece has marias. And I like the stable circular footing. There is nothing worse than a bong that doesn’t sit well on the table. 

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Mostly because you know the thing is going to break in a very short time. I like the size at 8 inches tall, not too big, not too small. And I really like the look.

Most of all I like the smooth hit it delivers. However I am not a big fan of the price tag. I do realize that borosilicate glass bongs are not cheap. That having been said, I am not sure that $214 dollars is justified.

I have used many bongs in the $125-$150 range that perform just as well if not better. Therefore my review’s a mixed bag. This is a decent bong and will look great in your collection.

So, I give it a Thumbs Up for those reasons. But again I feel as though it is a bit costly. Cheers!