Black Cherry is a great tasting medicinal fruit that’s great for healthy skin and hair, and it’s detoxification powers. So, I eat them all the time. And now I have some Black Cherry THC e-Liquid to take care of the rest of my problems. This is a tantalizing vape from Amsterdam’s line of e-Liquids. Black Cherries have a darker skin than most fruits. So, it holds a rich citrus taste that combines magnificently with THC.

Black Cherry THC e-Liquid Review 1I vaped some on beach where we live and had the purest, natural high I have felt in years. I sat alone as the sun set slowly on the jungle, thinking how nice life is and how grateful I was to be sitting on a beach in the Caribbean in such a peaceful state of mind. Then I thought of the history of these beaches and what has passed here.

Only about 500 years ago there were savage wars among the native Caribbean Indians. And many tribes weren’t so nice. The Caribe Indians were cannibals. They actually washed up on this shore, kidnapped the women, killed the men and ate the children. Their favourite delight was a pregnant woman. A newborn baby was a real treat. I guess they could’ve used some THC. Thank God we have Amsterdam e-Liquid.

What is Amsterdam THC e-Liquid?

Amsterdam e-Liquid is a company specializing in premium THC for vaping. Vaping is by far the most efficient way to ingest cannabis. So, at Amsterdam they create this masterful juice from start to finish. We are talking about the growing and harvesting right up to that sweet Black Cherry flavoured cloud billowing out of your mouth and filling the room with blessedness.

Black Cherry THC e-Liquid

All cannabis is grown by their own fully licensed, local growers. All of the highest industries standards are upheld during the extraction process. They only use the supercritical CO2 process to purify their THC oils. This results in the perfect delivery system for getting the sweet healing benefits of THC. Also, FDA approved premium PG and VG are the only blends in all their e-Liquids. So, flavours like Black Cherry, and many other great flavours I have only seen at their website, blend together perfectly, making a truly wicked vaping experience. I highly recommend Amsterdam e-Liquids.