Our Black Cherry THC e-Liquid Review is a real game changer. Vaping 75% pure THC is the most effective way to medicate and the healthiest manner to use cannabis. DOPE e-Liquid produces an incredible THC concentrate using only supercritical CO2 extraction. Their Black Cherry is made with FDA approved food grade flavourings and medical grade VG and PG. Vaping will never be the same. This is an amazing new way to enjoy THC that has tons of benefits. Let’s take a look a few.

DOPE e-Liquid The Benefits

Black Cherry THC e-Liquid, DOPE e-Liquid, Sexy Woman, CherriesThere are some great benefits to vaping THC. The most profound benefit is the affect on your lungs. Burning marijuana in joints and bongs is very taxing on your lungs and over all health in general. Burning flowers can cause cancer. Plus you’re taking in smoke from the burning paper. Also, carbon monoxide is a known carcinogen. When vaping THC you only inhale the cannabinoids and nothing more. This method is considered clean as you eliminate over 100 chemicals and tar that you do not need or want.

So, we now know that the health benefits of vaping THC are superb. But there are some other pretty cool benefits. My personal favourite is the discretion aspect. You can literally vape up anywhere anytime and no one will be the wiser. THC vapor dissipates almost instantly. This is perfect when you’re out on the town. You can fire up your electronic cigarette in a restaurant, movie theatre or any other public venue without worry. Even better, you will also save a fortune. You need very little THC to get very high. So, no more big stinky bags of buds, papers and pipes and all that hassle.

Black Cherry THC e-Liquid Review

Supercritical extraction is the future of cannabis usage. So too is vaping. DOPE e-Liquid is leading the revolution with their delicious THC creations. Black Cherry is a great vaping flavour. I have always loved it in traditional eJuice form. Now I get to vape and get high at the same time. Life is good. And we have DOPE e-Liquid to thank. You can pick up an 0.8 ml bottle today for around $79.99 at their DOPE e-Liquid website. To summarize, our Black Cherry THC e-Liquid Review gets two very obvious and enthusiastic thumbs up!