Birthday Cake Marijuana Edibles Review“Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!” Now give me my cake. And I am going to eat the entire thing. 100 mgs of THC is my idea of a great Birthday. So, keep your presents and gifts. “Give me cake.” And I will give you a Birthday Cake Marijuana Edibles Review that will have you smiling ear to ear.

Dixie edibles has captured the incredible flavors of Birthday Cake in a cannabis bar that you will not want to wait for an entire year to enjoy. In fact, I have celebrated my birthday about a half a dozen times already this year and it’s only April.

It was actually at a birthday party that I smoked my first joint. The rolling papers were wet and we really didn’t even know what we were doing. My buddies Zoe and Zach had a bong but we were so green behind the ears that we didn’t even know how to use it. But we didn’t want to wait for Zoe’s older brother to get home so we did the best we could.

We snuck out of the party, which was being held for Zach’s 8 year old brother. So, we had an excuse to go play outside. We were 14. So, we were the big kids. Well, we figured it out and got high as all Hell. We returned and the dozen kids were singing Happy Birthday. Before they finished we grabbed the cake and wolfed the entire thing down in minutes. The little kids were all crying and we could not stop laughing. That was my first case of the munchies.

Birthday Cake Marijuana Edibles ReviewBirthday Cake Marijuana Edibles Review

This product is mostly all about taste. The folks at Dixie meticulously labor over quality control and consistency. This thing really tastes like a yummy cake. Even though it is more like a candy bar. The vanilla chocolate is great. Also the cake flavors and frosting flavors feel very authentic.

Each bar contains 100 mgs of THC. What I like about that is the fact that I get to eat a whole lot of yumminess. You can break off an 8 mg piece or eat half. Or you can be like me and eat the whole damn thing.

So, get yourself some candles. Then, buy yourself a few presents. Hell, send yourself a birthday card. And have yourself a nice little birthday party tonight. The best part is you’re not getting any older.