Big Band is Big Good. This Indica dominant strain is powerful and delicious. It taste like bubblegum and kills like Chronic. Those also happen to be the parent strains of this unique hybrid. If you’re looking to relieve anxiety or stress this Big Band Marijuana Strain Review will get you “In the Mood.” Want to get “In the Mood?” Then break out some Big Band Strain and some Big Band Music. 

Female Dancers On Stage

Glenn Miller changed the face of American music forever with the release of “In the Mood” in 1940, topping the charts for an astonishing 13 weeks at the height of the War. Soldiers that had fought in The Great War came back to reunite with their high school sweet hearts and wives. And the airwaves were blasting this new big band swing. It was a real time of celebration and renaissance.

Lots of people don’t know this and fewer would even believe it, but marijuana was legal. The country was young. The people were hungry. And marijuana was still virtually under the radar of the US government. Of course, this wouldn’t last long and as soon as the government realized they could not control or make money off Mother Nature all that would change. But these were different times, a time when America really was the land of the free. And moreover they were celebrating the liberation of the entire World. And best of all Big Band music ruled the land. What a time to be alive.

Big Band Marijuana Strain Review Sexy Female DJ Night Club

This strain is a nice 60/40. I find that to be a really nice mix of body and mind highs. The THC levels are as high as 20%. So, Big Band has got a Big Bang. Also, the taste is really unique. It tastes like you’re chewing bubblegum. It’s incredibly sweet.

This results from whence it came. This is a hybrid of Skunk#1, Northern Lights and El Nino. That is one powerful and proven family. The effects of Big Band are mostly that of euphoria and relaxation. This is a great choice for a party or a night out with good friends. You will want to dance and listen to the music at a high volume.

Do what I do. Go on Youtube. And search Big Band music. It’s actually really awesome. Also, it goes great with a good buzz. Overall, Big Band is a well balanced strain. It won’t wipe you out and it won’t overwhelm you either. So, if you want to have a Big Night get some Big Band.