Big Bambu is the biggest name in Rolling Papers. This classic cult favorite is as popular as it is sophisticated. BB is probably just as famous for the quality and consistency of their papers as they are for their classic packaging and design.

When you look at a box of Big Bambus it takes you back to an older and simpler time. The Package looks like the old baseball lettering of the early 1900’s. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. And it just feels like a quality product with the pinstripes and the soft colors. 

It is the perfect time for a Big Bambu Rolling Papers Review Zig Zags have been the market monster for decades but BB is right behind them. No other company out sells them. This does not, of course, mean that Zig Zags are the best papers. It does however mean that they are the best marketed and best selling. Is Budweiser the best beer you have ever had? No, of course it isn’t. And if you answered yes to that, I suggest you get out of the house a little more often.

Big Bambu Rolling Papers Review

Much the same can be said about Big Bambu. These papers easily out perform Zig Zag. For one, they are thinner. They may actually be the thinnest paper on the market. And for that reason alone I would venture to guess this is the reason they are the second best selling paper in the world. Why? Because true die hard tokers want a as little paper as humanly possible. And why wouldn’t you? This is starting to make sense, no? You want to smoke your herb, not chemicals and paper. And more than being thin, The Big Bambu is just that…BIG ! I remember they were the biggest papers you could buy. And bigger is always better right? Well, unless it is a bulging infection on your crotch. The BB was so big they were selected to be the liner of the world’s most famous weed album Ever. Cheech and Chong’s comedy album came with a liner that was an actual rolling paper. I smoked a baseball bat sized joint once with a liner from the very album. Yes, I am old. Ok, so if I lost all you youngsters, go listen to your Biggie Smalls CDs. He mentions Big Bambus on more than one occasion.

Is Big Bambu For You?

For me, Big Bambu is just a great and pretty much perfect go to rolling paper. There is nothing over the top or too extraordinary about these papers. They ‘re just really good. They are really thin and they are Big. And, at the end of the day, those are the three most important things when it comes to grabbing a rolling paper and doing up a big fat yummy joint. End of story. So if this Big Bambu Rolling Papers Review doesn’t convince you, then keep using Zig Zags and you will never know what you are missing. This is a better quality product by far. What else can I say? Big Bambu is the big name in rolling papers. Give them a try and you will feel the same way.