Amsterdam – Best Travel Destinations for Potheads

The Best Travel Destinations for Potheads? Where should I begin to expound upon the virtues of traveling to countries where the wonder weed is welcome. So lets begin at the oldest and one of the most famous – Amsterdam. The city is one of the most exotic locations to smoke a joint or sample some hash. Cannabis has been legal for personal use in coffee shops use since 1976. Many people from around the world come especially to visit the coffee shops in a most beautiful city.

Amsterdam has long been a place where you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee and peruse a menu of a wide variety of marijuana strains from around the world. Indica’s, Sativa’s and also Hybrid’s will make your head spin at the choices available. Moreover the strengths are listed so the novice smoker can choose a lower THC strain. The High Times Cannabis Cup has been held there many times. If your strain is pronounced the winner, you will be known world wide by Potheads. Amsterdam is a wonderful city to have a good coffee shop toke, then take a stroll across the many ancient bridges in this historical city.

Jamaica – Best Travel Destinations for Potheads

If you are planning a tropical high holiday, what better destination than the pulsating island of Jamaica. For a long time Potheads worldwide have flocked to the white sand beaches to smoke big spliffs of Ganja. The Rastafarian religion even incorporates it into there everyday life. The famous king of reggae Rasta Bob Marley often sang about its virtues in his songs. Now ganja is legal and you can smoke it on the beach and bars.

They have shops on the beach and in towns that sell marijuana. marijuana edibles and also THC beverages. The town of Negril on the north coast is particularly popular with Potheads. Every night of the week there is a big reggae concert at different locations in town. At these concerts ganja is sold and smoked openly with the bands singing about the benefits of the happy herb. Smoking a joint at sunset on Negril beach is something you will never forget. Jamaica should be definitely be on your bucket list of Pothead destinations. The sweet smell of herb and a great vibe is everywhere you go.

Colorado – Best Travel Destinations for Potheads

Denver Colorado! The mile high city takes on a whole different meaning these days. With marijuana now legal for recreational use, it truly is a Potheads paradise. dispensaries and cafe’s abound in this beautiful mountain city. Recently on a series about the popularity of the legalization in the state. Art gallery showings, with young and older people walking around smoking joints and bongs. They interviewed people who thought it was a great idea to allow the wonder weed available at such a classy event.  A very cool vibe with art, music and friendly people was found throughout the night. Colorado is most definitely a place where there is weed for Potheads and the occasional toker everywhere you want to be.

Canada – Best Travel Destinations for Potheads

Canada, as of October 17th, will legalize the use of recreational marijuana. This has been on the books for a while, after the public spoke and was voted in. Canada has for a long time as a grower of some finest weed in the world. As a former resident of Vancouver I can certainly can attest to that. BC Bud is famous for its high grade quality and high THC content.

Famous especially in the Pacific Northwest of North America. Now that its legal, everyone now will be able to come and and legally purchase this bodacious BC Bud. Most people are waiting patiently to enjoy a High Times Cannabis Cup winner. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to explore whilst stoned. definitely one of the Best Travel Destinations for Potheads.