I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a good relaxing place to be high. Here are some of my favourite places to go and some of other people’s favourites as well.

  1. Places To Be High 1The Lake:

This is one of the most calm and serene places you can be. Imagine just floating down some cool water on a nice sunny day with a lit doobie in between your fingers. Sounds relaxing to me, just don’t fall asleep in the water!

2. Engulfed by Nature: 

Why not go on a nice relaxing hike through the woods while stoned. Look for different kinds of birds, identify different plants, or just listen to some music and enjoy quality time with good friends.

  1. Roller Rink:

Going to the roller rink is always a fun experience. But when you’re high it is a grand adventure. You get to float around on wheels, you are surrounded by munchies, not to mention all the lights and music!

  1. Places To Be High 2Skate Park:

Whether you are a skater yourself, or just a spectator, you will see some crazy stuff at a skate park. Most parks are full of people doing crazy jumps and cool tricks. Now if you’re a skater yourself, don’t you always have fun riding? I can imagine it would double being high.

  1. Your Own Bed:

Finally, yes that is correct, your own bed. Turn on that netflix and chill mode for some quality time spend with you and yourself. Maybe throw in a couple munchies and a nice glass of wine and you will have the time of your life.

In conclusion, there are thousands of places to be high really. These are just some of great places to go while high, or when your not! What is your go to place? My go to is probably just being engulfed in nature!