Countdown to an explosive detonation of sweet potent goodness! The creative cuisine of master chef Melissa Parks of Vert Edibles has hit it out of the park. Natural ingredients are what makes Vert edibles unique and most importantly healthy. From genuine cocoa to Tahitian vanilla bean and real berries, the fine people at Vert Edibles have you in mind. Therefore in my mind, once you have tried some of their wonderful THC infused edibles, you will definitely be a return customer. I certainly am and will tell you why in this Berry Bomb Bites Review – by Vert Edibles.

Berry Bomb Bites Review – by Vert Edibles

Berry Bomb Bites Review, Vert Edibles, Sensual woman with very sexy black lingerieAfter many years of smoking cigarettes and cannabis, my wife and I decided to quit both. The most important thing in a persons life is their health. So we gave up smoking cigarettes and switched to vaping. Also quitting smoking pot and switching to edibles. Both tobacco and cannabis contain cancer-causing tar. Cannabis contains four times the amount of tar than cigarettes.

We were introduced to edibles on a recent trip to Colorado. There was an exhibition at the art gallery we attended. It was cannabis friendly so there were a lot of people enjoying a joint and also eating cannabis edibles. A wonderful waitress approached us with a tray of free Berry Bomb Bites. Both of us were absolutely blown away. Not only from the superb uplifting high we experienced but also the delicious flavour. Also, the crushed pop rocks sprinkled on top was a happy surprise for our taste buds.

Berry Bomb Bites Review – Tempting

I was tempted to eat three or four, but I knew that might be a bit much. I found out from my friends that these scrumptious pastries were 50mg THC. I’m glad my wife and I only had one each. They pack quite a pleasing punch, to say the least. Therefore if you are thinking of switching to edibles from smoking, Berry Bomb Bites are highly recommended. Please remember to keep out of reach of children!

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