Beach Bum Review 1Beach Bum Haze has that great happy hybrid heritage. A fine mix of Sativa from Columbia, Mexico, India and Thailand. From Nevil’s Wreck, Nevilles Wreck. This got me to bakedville very quickly. A truly very chilled relaxed vibe overtook me. Yet very energetic in body and mind. So I put on the tunes and got some things done around the house. I then sat back and wrote down my latest somewhat life strange experience. As I will reveal in this Beach Bum Haze Review.

Beach Bum Review

So on a cool night in the summer of 61 a flat black chopped 50 Mercury slowly rumbled down Oak Ave. At the wheel was the ultra gorgeous Zukie la Rue and myself. The time traveler had come by herself because because Baron Wolfgang von Frankenschnitzel was on a holiday in the year 3072. I pulled up slowly in front in front of Kelly’s Victorian house. So I fixed my pompadour and zipped up my motorcycle jacket. Kelly was waiting on the front porch also toking some Beach Bum Haze. She gave me a kiss and we jumped in the Mercury and finished the joint.


As briefed by the Baron we headed down to the new Warner’s Drive Inn. The herb had made us ravenous so we ordered from the car hop and talked of the plan. We then left the other hot rodders and cruised down to Huntington Beach. We stopped at the selected fire pit party and Kelly whispered the message in a surfer girls ear. Now we had changed the future for the better. Our mission was complete. We had a toke of Beach Bum Haze to celebrate. Now we had to leave. Back in Kelly’s back yard we entered the Biokenetic Orbitron Selector. We left Kelly with a nice supply of Beach Bum Haze. I love the 50’s but now it was time to return. Thanks to this fine herb we averted a disaster in 2072. Time travel is rewarding and moreover fun !