Bamboo Bong Bent ReviewI love a simple pipe or bong. And I really love the taste you get from bamboo. The long natural bamboo neck creates  the perfect and long cooling pathway. I love the burn and accent a wood pipe gives my weed. Although this is neither wood nor is it a pipe. It is a bamboo bong, and a classic at that. There is a reason this thing still sells. It works. That is why I felt in necessary to do a Bamboo Bong Bent Review.

I had a bamboo bong for years. To this day it is probably my favorite pipe ever. I used that damn thing easily over 10,000 times. And I would still be using it if my evil ex-wife hadn’t stole it during our divorce. She never even smoked weed once in her entire life. But the bitch had to take it just to throw it away and make me suffer. In the end, I suppose it was a small price to pay for my freedom and peace of mind. But I missed that bong for a long time. Luckily, that all changed when my new girlfriend got me the Bent Bong.

Bamboo Bong Bent Review

Bamboo Bong Bent ReviewFirst I really like the angled or “bent” tube. Mostly I dig how my sweet herb gets a wooden sort of taste from the bamboo. Bamboo is actually not wood at all. It belongs to the grass family. Just thought you might like a fun little trivia tid bit there.

The down stem and bowl and rubber grommet are high quality metal and the bong itself has a nice wide bamboo base. The bong a has a sharp burnt finish and sweet stenciled Hemp leaves that make it stand out in your collection. So grab some sweet Purple Buds and enjoy the difference in taste you will get from bamboo.

Bamboo Bong Bent Review – Summary

If you want a simple bong with no gimmicks this is the one. It smokes great and cools off as good as any other model in a higher price range. For $40 dollars you really can’t go wrong. You will have this for many years. It is easy to use. It is easy to clean. And most of all it works. It won’t break. So, you should have it forever. Unless of course your deamon wife throws it away. But then you can just throw her away.