I don’t really eat much. But when I do, I eat light and healthy. Basically I am a soup and salad guy. So, I love Balsamic Vinaigrette. I also love the company Totally Healthy and their new dipping sauce. What’s better than a fresh and zesty salad with cannabis? Nothing! Allow our Balsamic Dipping Sauce Marijuana Edibles Review to whet your appetite.

This is a special occasion. I do a lot of eating of medical edibles. It’s my job. And I love it. However, all that having been said, I get burnt out on brownies and chocolate, fatty and sugar treats. When I heard of a cannabis infused salad dressing I was thrilled. I was even more delighted when the postman rang my bell. My very special delivery arrived. Salad time!

So, I actually went down to the Farmer’s Market to pick up my organic veggies just for the special salad I had in mind. I bought nice arugula lettuce and fresh cherry tomatoes. Then I decided to spice it up a bit. So, I picked up some yellow peppers and an assortment of different types of onions. I decided to grab some stinky cheese and seedless grapes. If you haven’t tried grapes in your salad you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Then I topped it all off with some crunchy peanuts. I was ready to add the special sauce.

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Balsamic Dipping Sauce Marijuana Edibles Review

You can now bring a lunch to work that will not only make your body healthy but completely change your entire afternoon. You get a nice 5 ounce bottle that contains 175 mgs of THC. I suggest using one teaspoon of dressing. Although I use a tablespoon. I get lit up, for not only the rest of my afternoon, but well into the night.

The nice thing about this balsamic dipping sauce is that is has real maple syrup. Not only does the maple add super taste and sweetness, it also masks the cannabis flavor really well. One tablespoon has about 18 mgs of THC.

Life is all about making healthy choices and being happy. The good people at Totally Healthy totally get it. Now you get it. Go get healthy. Go get happy. You deserve it.