Bagley Ave Brew Marijuana Edibles ReviewIt is the perfect day for a Bagley Ave Brew Marijuana Edibles Review. And today is a good day for these amazing syrups from Craft Elixirs. In my humble opinion THC infused syrups and elixirs are the most innovative and fun way to ingest cannabis. Its easy. Its effective. And most of all it works wonders.

What I enjoy most about syrups is that you get to combine your medicine with your favourite foods and beverages. When I got my cool jug from Craft Elixirs I happened to be having a dinner party the very same night. But I was a little remiss to add Bagleys to the menu as I was preparing a chicken and pasta dish with a red sauce.

I decided not to include it into the recipe itself in case it ruined my super sauce. Instead I drizzled a bit on to my pasta but no one else. Well, it was fantastic. So I offered it to my dinner guests. And they felt the same way. By the time we finished eating we were all laughing so hard we could not get up from the table. Bagleys Ave Brew was a smashing success. I can’t wait until next weekend to try some in my homemade beef stew.

Bagley Ave Brew Marijuana Edibles ReviewBagley Ave Brew Marijuana Edibles Review

For about five years now Craft Elixirs has been taking the medical edible world by storm. This is a legitimate award winning company. I love that. Also, I hate trying products with little or no stability or credibility. These artisans take mixology serious. And the applications are endless. Moreover, our Washington state based craftsman produce a variety of complex syrups that can be used in almost any culinary delight from drinks to desserts to marinades.

SomeĀ  of the most popular applications include toppings for ice cream, baking recipes and additives to cocktails and coffee. I have tried it in just about everything I make. I love it. Perhaps the greatest aspect of using syrup is the ability to control dosage. Therefore, the more you use the higher you get. Or if you are a medical patient you can really control you medicine and maximize you pain control or other needs. So when you’re ready to spice things up head on down to Bagley Ave. Tell them Peter sent you.