As if we hadn’t seen enough new ways for bakers and manufacturers to catch us with their innovative creations, Badfish Extracts has to go and drop a medical edible Mother of all Bombs. We’re talking award winning,real, beef jerky here, or as they are lovingly referred to, Reef Jerky. Either way you certainly get the point. And if you’re a fan of the best “man snack” in the History of snacks then you are going to eat up our Badfish Beef Jerky Marijuana Edibles Review.

I like to think of myself as a bit of a man’s man. Don’t get me wrong. I also happen to be a bit of a ladies man too. But I’m not here to discuss romance. I am here to talk about real guy stuff. And there are few things, if any, that are more manly than football, beer, THC and beef jerky, Did I miss anything? No. There is not a single man that wouldn’t drool at the idea of spending a Sunday watching football with cold beer in one hand and some Reef Jerky in the other. We can all bow down and thank the real men over Badfish

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Badfish Beef Jerky Marijuana Edibles Review

The bad boys of Badfish hail out of Santa Cruz and emanate all things California. Their claim to fame is that they have the “cleanest extracts.” No one seems to disagree. The folks at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup certainly did not. They awarded these Beef Jerkys an impressive 3rd place finish in the over all Best US Edible.

So, if it’s good enough for the Cannabis Cup, it ought to be good enough for you to try. For only $12 bucks you get 100 THC mgs of savory mouth watering beef jerky. So, buy some. You won’t be disappointed. And all your guys friends will love you. Just no hugging please. Thanks!