B 52 Marijuana Strain ReviewB 52 is a powerful hybrid of Big Bud X and Skunk. It is 75% Indica so you will quickly feel like a B 52 Bomber just dropped one on your head. Although the THC levels are on the rather low end, 8-15%, B 52 still packs a big punch. In today’s B 52 Marijuana Strain Review we will describe what makes this a great strain.

My uncle fought in Viet Nam. That is when pot culture really took off. And he told me that he smoked some of the best marijuana on Earth while over there. I imagine they were probably getting Afghan and anything they needed from all over Southeast Asia.

My older uncle Bob actually flew in a B 52 and said it was one of the most incredible things he had ever done while in the military. I asked him what made the plane so special. He told me it had nothing to do with the plane. He said it was because him and his guys had smoked a big joint right before take off and they we re all bombed.

B 52 Marijuana Strain Review

B 52 Marijuana Strain ReviewThe mix between 75% Indica and 25% Sativa really makes for a well balanced strain. I also like the level of THC. This is my kind bud to be smoking. The THC can be as low as 8%. That is pretty low and almost hard to find. What I like about it is that I don’t get overwhelmed by the pot. I tend to get paranoid. Not with B 52. The high is of course cerebral but again not so strong that you are incapable of functioning.

B 52 will bomb your problems and body pains into oblivion. Doctor’s love treating patients with any sort of relaxation issues. Muscle spasm sufferers enjoy great long lasting relief with B 52.

Due to the fact that this comes from Skunk lineage, the taste is sweet and of course skunky. It will stink up the room. So you might want to head outside. And the plant itself is one sharp looking flower. Just look at that photo.

Bombs away. Wipe out your everyday enemies with B 52 and change your altitude.