Weed Festival 2Let’s start with this – most bad trips are a product of too much smoking too fast, or heat stroke. Two things to remember most of all, is to take a hit and relax. And only eat half a cookie unless you know all about that batch, and stay as hydrated as possible.

Just because loads of stoners go to marijuana festivals does not mean it is a huge competition. No one cares how big of a hit you can take, and just because you can’t overdose on pot doesn’t mean you can’t have a bad trip from smoking too much. Everyone is there to have a good time, and you trying to prove a point will ruin that, so just relax, smoke what you can handle, and make it last!

Here are some things that you can keep an eye or ear out for, and know a little more about yourself.

Weed Festival 3Dosage: The amount you intake, this could be in a joint, edible, or oil.

Familiarity: How familiar you are with a certain substance. Familiarity has a big part in how your body reacts to substances. If this is a new thing to you, take it nice a slow at first.

Quality: How good, or bad, something is. Quality affects potency.

Freshness: How recent the produce was harvested.

Potency: How strong something is. Potency will affect how high you get, so if you are a new smoker make sure to keep your intake low, or what you intake at a low potency.

Strain: The type of Cannabis, as well as amount of different cannabinoids. Different strains will vary in how high they get you and what kind of high as well.

Setting: Your surroundings. It is important to make sure you are constantly in a good setting. A good setting equals a good high and ensures no bad trip for you!