Avocanna Avocado Oil Marijuana Edibles ReviewIf you follow my blogs and reviews you know I love healthy choices and THC control. Well, our Avocanna Avocado Oil Marijuana Edibles Review epitomizes both. There are few better oils that you can use in cooking for taste and health than an oil derived from avocados. And when it comes to using medical edibles I really like to have control. With an oil I can make precise measurements and completely control my high. I really like that.

We decided on twice baked stuffed potatoes on the grill. They would be accompanied by little glazed lamb chops with rosemary. Oh, yea baby, we don’t fool around when testing out new medical edibles. I do fool around with recipes but not with THC.

I always go slow when trying a new product. The thing about medical edibles is that they can creep up on you. No two products are the same. I want to have fun and enjoy my food. I don’t want to be so blasted that I can’t enjoy myself and then spend the night being paranoid. Using oils and having the ability to control my THC mg level is perfect. Plus, I love to eat and eat well. And there is nothing I like more than avocados.

Avocanna Avocado Oil Marijuana Edibles ReviewAvocanna Avocado Oil Marijuana Edibles Review

I use a ton of virgin olive oil. Almost everything I cook requires oil. What a treat to have avocado oil, not only that, but cannabis infused avocado oil. There are almost no dishes that wouldn’t benefit from being saturated in oil. You can use Avocanna in salad dressings, glazes, marinade, soups and the list goes on and on.

Pick up a 12 ounce bottle with 100 mgs of THC. You can make a great salad dressing for example, for 4 adults. Then use about half the bottle. And  I can pretty much guarantee you and you guests will be enjoying your evening into the wee hours of the night. You no longer need to wolf down heavy sugar desserts like brownies and cakes. Eat healthy. Stay healthy. And be happy. Thanks Avocanna.